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July 2019

Partners 1st meeting in Portugal

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On 11th and 12th of February 2019, the Sky4.0 consortium gathered for the first time in Portugal, Matosinhos, in a strategic kickoff meeting that brought on the “chessboard” partners from 4 countries (Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey) with the aspiring aim of shaping the future for the human capital of aeronautics in view of the Industry 4.0 revolution.

Sky4.0, as an ambitious and highly promising intervention, will build curricula and training modules around three specific sets of soft skills development, namely Social Competencies, Character-Building Skills and Personal Development Skills, which should provide a base to make relevant positive choices and decisions leading to level-headedness and wholeheartedness workers. Fully committed to this aim, partners delegated the responsibilities for the coming period of time and reinforced the roadmap by defining qualitative points of delivery of material that will be available to all interested stakeholders.

Under the guidance of the coordinating organization Aviation Valley, the Sky4.0 consortium will intensely work and materialize the three designed Intellectual Outputs:


O1. Selection of most valuable literature, reports and best practices on the transformation towards Industry 4.0 of the aerospace sector and preparing information set for current workers

The aim of this O1 is to deepen the knowledge about the soft skills required for the industry 4.0 implementation and its role in building competitiveness in companies mainly in the aviation sector. The development of this intellectual output includes a set of activities aiming at development and evaluation of information&training packages on identified soft skills crucial for Industry 4.0 implementation in partnering countries. The results developed in this O1 will be suited for the needs of the current aviation industry workers.


O2. Training materials and CV about Industry 4.0 Soft Skills for future workers of the aerospace sector

This Intellectual Output address one of the Sky 4.0 training activities target groups: young students of secondary technical schools and universities, which could become future workers in aeronautical industry 4.0 companies. It materialises the project aims to bring closer the concept and demands of Industry 4.0 to the students community, so this could increase future employability of these young people by promoting the acquisition of skills and competences that students of technical job might need in their future employment at industry 4.0 companies.


O3. Guidelines for implementation and usage the information materials, training curricula and training materials of Industry 4.0. Soft Skills in the aerospace sector

Taking in consideration the preliminary results of O1 and O2, guidelines and other materials will be built to support the implementation of the modules. As in O1 and O2, where a trainees’ manual (Text&Work Book) will be produced to join all the data and activities, in IO3 will be created a Trainer´s manual to support the implementation of training actions To better address the identified Industry’s needs and to assure sustainability of the project results, the Partners will develop clear and comprehensive WHITE PAPER addressing key issues for the implementation of the Industry 4.0 Concept implementation at aeronautical companies. To help in the present implementation of the Industry 4.0 this IO organise also a “training the HR trainers and managers” blended activity that will take place during M28 at Poland.