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August 2021

Are you developing skills that won’t be automated?

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“Humans an edge over robots”

With Industry 4.0, many jobs will be automated in the next decade. We will lose human power in jobs that are repetitive and routine. Employers say that they are looking for candidates who have other skills such as “soft skills”.

These sought-after abilities fit perfectly with the sorts of things that people can do well but are and will continue to be difficult to automate. Therefore, our educational system should concentrate not simply on how people interact with technology, but also on how they can do things that technology will not be doing soon.

Find out more about what skills won’t be automated in this article published in the Harvard Business Review: https://hbr.org/2019/09/are-you-developing-skills-that-wont-be-automated?ab=at_art_art_1x1

TRAIN THE TRAINERS online workshop for Sky 4.0 SOFT SKILLS

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How can we upskill to ensure the soft skills development that is customized for Industry 4.0 and help current and future aviation workers go through the digital changes of tomorrow? We were working hard to answer this question with trainers and aviation HR employees during one week of training moderated by Aviation Valley – the Sky4.0 project leader.

Over 30 participants took part in the SKY4.0 5-days international blended learning event from 28.06.2021 to 2.07.2021. Six sessions were dedicated to the following soft skills: Analytical Thinking, Change Adaptability, Critical Thinking, Initiative, Intellectual Curiosity, and Cognitive Flexibility.

The aim of the meetings was to deepen the participant’s knowledge of the didactic means that could be used in teaching these soft skills. The presentations were followed by fruitful discussions with some extraordinary and useful conclusions such as:

  • Before you start training – take into account the type of organization you are going to work with and try to understand their problem first!
  • Do not give answers – inspire to find ones!
  • Use exercises such as Socratic Questions blended with other techniques, be creative, make it active for the participants!

We hope that after our training week the trainers are able to identify key soft skills components of our training program for Industry 4.0 and describe a range of teaching methods and resources, with the advantages and disadvantages of each.