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By June 4, 2021 Uncategorized

The COVID-19 turned our world upside-down! In a matter of days, our lives changed dramatically, in all aspects: family, friends, leisure, work… We were “trapped” in our houses, and after a while, with almost anything to do… Initially, we blocked and embraced a sedentary life where the main activity of the day was watching movies on the sofa, and that could have lasted for the whole past year… BUT, that was not our story! We reinvented ourselves, we adapted new forms to work, new forms of having fun, new forms of communication with others, and new forms of enjoying life! And that is the beauty about humankind when facing challenges, we evolve, we grow, we CHANGE!

In the past years, change adaptability had been considered a crucial skill that employers look for and promote in their employees! The current pandemic situation highlighted its importance! Accordingly, to the World Economic Forum (2020), when top employers were questioned about important trends for 2025, one of the main skills highlighted as critical to be developed until 2025 was CHANGE ADAPTABILITY! The urgent need for workers resilient and flexible to change is even more evident in technological sectors, where innovation is a constant, as the Aviation Sector!

In Sky 4.0, we acknowledge the societal and technological challenges the Aviation Industry regularly faces and included Change Adaptability as one of our six soft skills essential to effectively deal with Industry 4.0 in the Aviation Industry.

Moreover, Sky 4.0 consortium developed training materials and curricula for change adaptability not only for Aviation companies that want to support the evolution of their current workers but also for Future Workers, who want to be prepared to enter the aviation market with the best version of themselves!

Soon we will share all our training resources about Change Adaptability and the other Sky 4.0 soft skills! Keep tuned, and most important keep open to CHANGE because the only thing constant in life is CHANGE!